At Mona Spa & Wellness, we’ve got the tools to get you back in those skinny jeans just in time for fall and winter. With Liposonix and the Lipo Shot all you’ll need this fall is a new wardrobe — in a smaller size!


The Liposonix treatment is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that can get rid of targeted fat around your waistline. The treatment is completed in just one spa visit and lasts about one hour. With little to no downtime or aftercare, you can resume your active lifestyle right away!The Liposonix treatment uses advanced ultrasound technology to permanently destroy unwanted abdominal fat.

Here are a few important and enticing facts about Liposonix followed by a video you’ll want to watch to learn more:

• Targets the stubborn fat around your waistline
• Noticeable results after just one treatment
• Customizable to address specific “problem” areas
• Nonsurgical with little to no downtime
• Backed by over 10 years of research and testing

Lipo Shot

The Lipo Shot is a combination of all natural ingredients designed to burn fat and increase energy and who doesn’t want that! Ingredients include:


  • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) for energy
  • Methionine, inositol & choline to mobilize fat
  • Adenosine & L-Carnitine to increase metabolism                                                        


Combining these “Lipotropic” co-enzymes and amino acids allow the liver to metabolize fat for elimination. When combined with a diet and exercise program, case reports show this combination to improve weight loss up to 1 additional pound per week!

The Lipo Shot is recommended to be given once a week for the duration of intended weight loss.