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Category - Specials

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UltraShape – Introductory Special

Flanks, or “love handles/back fat”, thighs, and arms “bat wings” are treated with our newest U-Sculpt® Technology.  Join the group of clients that have lost inches in just few weeks with our UltraShape® Abdomen Treatment. Safely, painlessly SCULPT away…

Specials – Fall 2015

(While Supplies Last!) Get your First 20 Units of XEOMIN® FREE with your Radiesse®* and Belotero®* injections! Real wrinkle erasers! ONE VISIT, one free Xeomin® offer per guest with purchase*. Save $220!

Specials – September 2014

We promised to keep you up-to-date with any new products and services we are offering. Today, just in time for all of your fall festivities, we are pleased to announce the arrival of: 1 ) Smooth Shapes XV…

Specials – August 2014

Every August we say THANK YOU to the BEST CLIENTS EVER with an array of specials on your favorite treatments and products! Hello Friends! It’s that time again. For nearly 30 years, each August I attempt to write…

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