color whole lineYep, that’s the beauty of Colorescience–you get all of the lovely benefits of makeup while pure and effective ingredients nourish and treat your skin, too! We are so excited to carry this line at the Spa and we can’t wait to share the beauty with you! Colorescience will solve all of your facial problems from acne to aging while the mineral sunscreen protects you, and your whole family, from the sun’s harmful rays.

If you missed our Colorescience Open House, here’s a quick how-to video that walks you through the easy Core 4 steps of application for a flawless and protected, photo-ready face everyday! The lightweight formulations are designed to be layered without ever looking cake-y allowing your own beauty to shine through. Once your perfect canvas is ready, explore the luminous colors available for face, eyes and lips to achieve that perfect glow, twinkle and pout…the Face, Lip and Eye Enhancements from Colorescience are the icing on the cake!

Sure, this is not the only mineral makeup line out there, but it is absolutely the best! Watch how Colorescience stacks up against the “competition.” Ewww!

So come let us show you the make up that does more today!

See you at the Spa,