The bill signing day was a momentous occasion in Nashville!

The bill signing day was a momentous occasion in Nashville!

The TN Cosmetology Board admittedly got caught with their heads in the sand again. Cosmetology School owners appeared in protest of the new TN Cosmetology Act* now that the state’s Cosmetology Law has been visited by the state legislatures for the first time since 1986. Change will be good for growing a talented new workforce and for protecting those with licenses’ right to practice.

In the works since last summer (2012), Rep. Antonio Parkinson who, like my children, grew up in the beauty salon and worked beside his Cosmetologist Mom, introduced the bill in January 2013 when it was  passed unanimously by at least 120 of the State House of Representatives and the State Senate. Finally on June 4, 2013 Governor Bill Haslam signed the bill into law. I was in Nashville for over 20 meetings advocating for Aesthetician’s right to practice during this time period! Anyone who wanted to be in the know could  read up on on any bill so for our own Board Members to voice that they were shocked at the new law is, in my opinion, neglect for not being connected—it’s 2013!


1) Why do we need a new TN Cosmetology Act to include apprenticeships, expanded scope of practice and consolidation of the multiple disciplines of Cosmetology?

  • The beauty industry has emerged in the past 10 years at a MAJOR pace. Industry professionals deserve the states’ attention and latitude as in any emerging field to help the TN beauty businesses evolve in a modern industry and to be competitive in national and international markets.
  • TN students desiring specialty license in natural hair, Aesthetics and manicuring are currently being trained by Cosmetologist Instructors educated primarily in hair instruction. This is unacceptable and makes our specialty licenses vulnerable to deregulation by health boards. Training needs to be conducted by the respective specialty instructors or in an approved apprenticeship specific to the specialty and equipment used in that specialty.
  • TN Students and licensees are not evolving with safety concerns of advanced equipment and are subject to de-regulation by health boards.
  • TN students lack the client and colleague interaction for modern record keeping and progress of treatments, another safety concern.
  • TN salon and spa owners with specialty in natural hair, Aesthetics and nail care services are burdened in re-training licensees for quality employees, unless they are hair salon owners also owning a Cosmetology school.
  • TN salon and spa owners invest in modern emerging technologies that advance knowledge and medical relationships for more competitive business opportunities such as medical spas.  Owners’ successes depend on the quality, advanced training and refined expertise that only an apprenticeship can provide.
  • TN students that could not perform well in a classroom would have opportunities to excel in the creative apprentice environment and be motivated to join the work force earlier.
  • Commercial Trade Show opportunities are passing our state by due to lack of attention to evolving and emerging specialty sections in the Beauty Industry.

2) “Apprenticeships” are not a disaster, nor do they lend to “low standards of education” that Cosmetology School owners want you to believe.

  • Several progressive states succeed in the same either/or Cosmetology School and Apprenticeship options that are proposed for TN students. CA, AL. NC, WI, ME, PE, WA, GA
  • More states are working on changes in the direction of apprenticeships to build a multi specialty talented work force.                            
  • CIDESCO is an international beauty therapy association representing the highest standards of esthetics in more than 30 countries. The CIDESCO Diploma is the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy.

CIDESCO School graduates complete a 1200 hour training course and candidates (students) must apprentice in a CIDESCO facility for 6 months before sitting for the exam.

  • Successful Aesthetic Apprenticeships exist in 30 countries since 1946.

*Follow Updates to the Tennessee Cosmetology Act here: 

Hope to see you at the Monday, August 5, Cosmetology Board meeting, 9 am!

Until then, see you at the Spa,