lashesFor today’s Live Well, Look Good tips the eyes have it! We’ve got lots of painless options for lifting and opening your peepers here.

Live Well, Look Good Tip Four: High Brow Treatment
Grab an “eye lift” the painless way with professional attention to color tint, tweezing, trimming, waxing and or our CoolGlide laser eyebrow shaping. Before considering a surgical or Botox® correction, get a pro to fix your eyebrows first. Aestheticians are great eyebrow artist for a perfect, great looking brow that can really open the eyes.
Live Well, Look Good Tip Five: Lovely Lashes
Great looking lashes can be yours with Jan Marini Lash. She’s the 1st lady to start the “great looking lash” trend in the ‘90’s and still the authority today. With a daily application like eyeliner, lashes become thicker, darker and longer. There’s also prescription, Lattisse® from Allergan which makes new lashes grow while using the product. We are also certified to apply “false” lash extensions, up to 60 individual lashes glued to your own lashes, for an immediate effect lasting up to 4 weeks. Photo ready lashes all day, every day, no mascara needed!
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