Today we tackle a hairy subject, read on to see the options you have at your disposal!

How’s that extra hair on your face and neck working out for you? I bet you are tired of shaving and accompanying razor bumps. Laser hair removal reduces skin bumping and rashes that can cause dark discoloration in the skin. Our CoolGlide laser process is FDA cleared to treat folliculits barbae, known as infected in-grown hairs. The process is painless and with multiple treatments can drastically improve your skin giving you a smooth canvas once again. However, if your hairs are grey or white, the laser does not see it and therefore Natural Womancannot zap it. We’ll discuss options for our fair friends as well. Come see us!

Has that pesky peach fuzz that messes with make-up made an appearance on your face? This hair is not terminal like the hair growing in cycles on your head and other parts of the body. White facial fuzz is influenced by hormones and can be scraped away simply with a “blade” that conveniently smoothes rough dry spots, too. It will stay away as long as there is a balance in your hormones. Come, let us smooth and scrape and give you a clean slate!

See you at the spa,