Mona Esthetics - Ambassadors ClubHello My Friends!

Hope that my note finds you well.

I just wanted to write to you asking for your generous hearts to help me with a very personal effort. #LouisianaStrong took over a new meaning for me; and my life long girlfriends because of the Great Flood 2016. I have posted many of their personal stories on FB and now after 4 weeks, have been able to communicate with them. I am so blessed that my parents, brothers and their children were not flooded in their homes in Baton Rouge and Zachary. Grateful for them being high and dry but no one in the flooded neighborhoods are safe.

My childhood home in Oak Crest and my 88-year-old mother’s childhood home in Kentwood, filled my treasured childhood with so many memories, are a total flooded loss. My girlfriends, most since first grade, and cousins who lived in Greenwell Springs, Denham Springs, and Walker are devastated with total loss of their homes and personal belongings; including cars. They are living with friends or in church shelters and are dependant on FEMA for basic needs and recovery. All of them are feeling blessed and are grateful for being rescued in rising waters, in pouring rain by a volunteer “Cajun Navy” in flat boats while watching life as they once knew it disappear in the rage of water. A handful have flood insurance because most of their homes that took in three to six feet of water in a sixty mile long land mass, was not in the flood plan. My girlfriends, even the ones that did not flood, spend their days traveling in buses to gut to the studs the homes of their families and neighbors. They experience fear, worry, standing in line, the blessings of helpful civil servants and volunteers and nightmares daily.

I have felt so helpless to even know how to help them in such huge disaster. And, yesterday Margo and Debbie asked me! They NEED hand cream, body cream, soap that “smells good” and washcloths! Their skin is so dry from ripping out sheetrock and scraping mold. I am so joyful that they care about their skin and preventing infection and they asked me for something that I can do!

My staff and I have gone thru every drawer at the spa with your samples and I have prepared full size gifts too that will go out today! Can you help me with your product donations to help the women in shelters in my home state of Louisiana? I am not a registered 501K.

I am asking my clients and friends to buy on-line on my website, $50 Gift Certificates to donate to my girls in Louisiana so that I can buy products to send to my friends and women in need. It’s kind of like a “go fund me” but I promise every dime will go to #LouisianaStrong girls!

My niece’s wedding is October 30 in Baton Rouge and I hope to fill up a truck with hand cream, body cream and soap that “smells good” for my sweet spirited girlfriends and their friends and neighbors that have to live in this hell on earth. Meanwhile, I am shipping what I can and hope that you will help me in this very personal effort. Big or small, products, money, or wine (for Ginger) is so appreciated!

Call me, PM me or email me: , if you can help!

Thank you, thank you. God will continue to help these blessed people and bless you too! Grateful hearts and #LouisianaStrong!

All my best! Love to you,

Mona Russell-Sappenfield
#soapthatsmellsgood #louisianastrong

Thank you, FB Messaging!

“Debbie said she wanted wash cloths. She missed her wash cloths. So I am doing that. The 1/2 cotton and 1/2 bamboo are so soft on the face unless you have a better idea or material for the face “

“Ginger said – oh girl it has been a damn nightmare. Bottle of wine every night is helping me cope. Lost both vehicles. Had full coverage thank God. Lost everyhing downstairs. Had flood insurance but no contents. With Howard being 81 it is so hard on him so it is harder on me because I have to take care of everything. But in reality I am luckier than most. My kids will be thankful in the long run because they will not have to clean out the belongings we would have left behind. Thank you for reaching out. It means a lot.”

“Yes but I heard from Deborah. They lost everything. Her husband has Alzheimers and heart condition. FEMA paying rent and they had flood insurance for their home but not contents. “

“Pretty much everything is being supplied by churches and FEMA except hand/body lotion . If you get a chance send some small bottles and I will pass them out to. Thank you, Margo”

“Good soap…lol. Don’t laugh! I love a good soap and trust me they are hard to find! Hugs back atcha! Thank you sweetheart! God Bless and stay as sweet as you always have been.”