marie claire coverA few years back Marie Claire magazine asked for my expert advice for their article 16 Expert Answers for Eyes, Lips, and Skin found here.  My advice for this column centered on a common ‘home remedy’ for shrinking those pesky bags under the eyes and it still rings true today. Hemorrhoid cream!?

“Hemorrhoid cream can be dehydrating, says Mona Sappenfield, an aesthetician and the owner of Mona Spa & Laser Centers, so you may be shrinking your bags, but inducing fine lines and irritation. ” 

Now, friends, we can do better than that! Come let us show you an array of products designed specifically for that extra-delicate skin around your eyes. If drooping lids are your eye-issue, we’ve got a treatment for that!

This fall, the eyes have it so be sure your peepers pop in all the right ways!

See you at the spa,