Those legs

Yes, that’s me emerging from a taxi on a recent trip to Nashville. This photo garnered lots of attention on my Facebook page so I guess it’s time I let the cat out of the bag and share my spa secret with YOU!

Our SmoothShapes treatment targets the underlying causes of cellulite which appears on about 85% of women, despite our healthy eating habits and the many hours we may clock in the gym! The culprits: hormones, vascular changes and inflammation.

The good news is that the appearance of cellulite can be greatly improved with a series of SmoothShapes treatments. Give us 20 minutes of pain-free therapy and we’ll give you younger-looking, smoother and tighter killer legs, too! You just might need to go shopping for some short skirts afterwards!

To learn more about this amazing technology and how you can have legs like a 20 year old today watch this video and give us a call. We offer financing for treatments over $1000, too!

See you at the Spa,