We have talked about the elephant in the room before. Remember when, after New Year’s, I said that I just did not want to face the weight loss resolution/fail, again?

This year was a little different. I had an un-natural urge to go see Brian in the gym that did not last too long as usual. Sorry Brian, it’s not you.  I “tried so hard” to eliminate bread and red meat from my diet with some success and added an Asian apple a day, but then in March, ONE UltraShape treatment melted my tummy by TWO inches in TWO weeks! Actually, I was just on a research mission for you, on a suggestion from an old friend about a fat melt that did not hurt. Just checking out a painless fat melting treatment, I did not expect to lose TWO inches of tummy fat in a one-hour appointment? After all, it was convenient because I was in Nashville for a meeting. Easy.

The one-hour appointment was hosted by one of the country’s top docs, Michael Gold, MD and his UltraShape practice manager. No pain, no nonsense, just left a little relaxed and perplexed thinking that I should have felt something. Felt grateful and special.

My new Spring made to measure skirts were fitted 2 weeks after UltraShape and my spring skirts fit TWO inches smaller! And, I did lose a few pounds. I think that the UltraShape techies got this treatment right.

Guess what arrived last Friday. UltraShapeV3! Now, you too can nap for one hour and melt away your tummy fat!  96% of clients report that they are SATISFIED with UltraShape according to RealSelf.com.

Next year, we will not have to face the elephant in the room TWICE! That’s what I’m thinking.

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