Flanks, or “love handles/back fat”, thighs, and arms “bat wings” are treated with our newest U-Sculpt® Technology.  Join the group of clients that have lost inches in just few weeks with our UltraShape® Abdomen Treatment.

UltraShape focused, targeted ultrasound fat melting. Contour tummy, love handles, thighs, and arms painlessly.

Results in 3 treatments per area.

Tummy $2,500 (Save $500) – Love handles, thighs, arms, other areas are measured for NEW ZONE treatment. $100 per zone x #areas x 3 treatments = a Summer Body!

Consultation and measurement required!


Safely, painlessly SCULPT away inches of unwanted FAT in the SPA! Shape your body the way that you want it! Combine SmoothShapes with UltraShape* and U-Sculpt* RESULTS!