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Mark Lees Scientific Skincare

Everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Today, we have the advantage of applying real science to cosmetic and personal care products.
We know more than ever about treatment and prevention of premature aging, problem skin, sensitive skin, and other conditions.
We know how to maintain skin health. We know more and more about how many ingredients affect the skin’s appearance.

At Mark Lees, we have taken the scientific discoveries achieved through decades of research, and applied them to the development of skin care products that are truly effective and scientific, while addressing specific lifestyle needs of the sophisticated consumer. We use state-of-the-art ingredients and key advancements in cosmetic science to develop products that are both effective and user-friendly.

Our products are tested for efficacy in our own clinic, as well as tested for irritancy in an independent consumer testing facility, using the most scientific standards. This ensures that our treatment products are safe, very unlikely to cause irritation and do not cause clogged pores and breakouts.

Mark Lees products developed from the needs of thousands of Dr. Lees’ personal clients who had problem-prone skin, and had consistently experienced breakouts and irritations from many products they had tried. These clients needed essential moisture to fight the signs of aging skin, yet broke out easily and had sensitivities to many skin care products. Many moisturizers, creams, and other skin care and cosmetic products contain fats, oils, and waxes that can clog pores and make problem skin worse. They also often contain fragrances, color agents, and other ingredients that can irritate and cause sensitivities.

Mark Lees products are specifically designed to provide superior effectiveness, improving the appearance of the skin smoothness, firmness, tone, and improving conditions such as oiliness, lines and wrinkles, uneven textures, and enlarged pores without causing clogged pores or irritating problem or delicate skin!

We add no fragrance or color to our products, as these are two of the most common causes of cosmetic allergy.

Dr. Lees believes that for any skin care system to be successful, it must be effective, comfortable, and easy to use. We are exceptionally proud of our clients’ loyalty to our line of products, reflecting that they feel the same way – and their skin looks better due to their consistent use.

Are you confused by the thousands of skin care products now available? We can help take the guesswork out of buying the right products.

Mark Lees believes that the best results from any scientific skin care program are best achieved through the guidance of a licensed skin care professional. Therefore, our products are available exclusively from skin care salons, dermatology, and medical clinics. Your skin care professional can examine your skin, determine your needs, and design a program that is just right for your individual skin and lifestyle.

Mona Sappenfield
About the author: Mona Sappenfield

Welcome and warmest greetings from all of us at Mona Esthetics. You are about to discover our company “jewel”, and our proven 30 year foundation in our new Laurelwood Shopping Center location. Our proven “soft spa” hospitality service and “high tech” best of breed partners, present a beyond compare beauty experience. Options are great. Beautiful, safe technological beauty services that exist today for the most modern, informed and demanding “spa” guest.

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