1. A Break Up: Partner’s change. The most common removed tattoo is the name of an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or significant other.
2. A Wedding: If you are a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid and don’t like your tattoo, then an upcoming wedding is a great motivator to get rid of that tattoo once and for all.
3. A New Job: Whether you agree or not, some professionals view tattoos as unprofessional.
4. A Change in Interests: Do your fraternity letters or that band logo no longer interest you?
5. Embarrassment: Yes, some people do care about what their friends, family and others think about them.
6. Wardrobe Issues: Does your tattoo clash with you sense of fashion or colors that you want to wear? Is it difficult to keep your tattoo covered?
7. To Be a Role Model: Many parents discover it no longer seems cool to have a tattoo, especially one that your children are going to see.
8. Altered Body Image: Does your tattoo make you feel bad about yourself or change your image in a negative way?
9. Quality of Tattoo: Did the tattoo not turn out the way you wanted or is it low quality? Let’s revise it, if you don’t love it!
10. Realized that you have a Tattoo: Oops! Believe it or not, Ed Helms of the Hangover, Part II is not the only one to sober up and realize they made a big mistake, getting a Mike Tyson-esque tattoo. Regret. Experts say that 20% of people feel regret after getting a tattoo. There’s no mystery if you look in the mirror and shutter at the “permanent” artwork on your skin. Good news is– it’s not permanent.

With Pico4 Laser Tattoo Removal, it is possible to have your tattoo removed without a trace of any ink left over.

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