Mona Esthetics - Spa Specials - 2016Not a device, not an injection. It is a cool most enjoyable Aesthetic gel mask, CO2 Lift, that is the newest anti-aging health spring. The ingenious idea of using carbon dioxide to promote the transfer of oxygen within the human body to treat an area where carbon dioxide is present was made famous by the Danish physiologist Christian Bohr. This physiological phenomenon first reported in 1904 became known today as the “Bohr Effect.”

The Bohr effect is a normal process in people of normal health. It is the duality of how carbon dioxide and oxygen work harmoniously with one another. With the Bohr effect, it is understood that carbon dioxide is the key factor, which triggers our own body for the transport and release of oxygen through our red blood cells. As a result, when carbon dioxide is present at the location being treated, our own body will send oxygen through the process of vaso-dilation to that location of treatment.

The gel mask preparation is placed, by your Aesthetician, on the treatment area and the rule is to RELAX, no talking for 45 minutes and let your body’s oxygen transport, while you sleep, for best results.

Client’s experience reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduction in pore size as well as a more firmer and lifted appearance to their face. These results contributed greatly to the birth of a powerful aesthetic / anti-aging treatment that has a more lasting effect with additional treatments.

See you at the Spa! Mona